Meet the Author Monday: Josiane Fortin

Josiane Fortin

It’s Meet the Author Monday! Each week we meet a new author and get to know a little about them, their writing process, publishing experience, and tips for other writers. Today we’re talking to Josiane Fortin, author of Mine Your Brain, 587 Affirmations for Women, The One-Year Plan, and New Witch in Town.

About Josiane Fortin:

Josiane Fortin loves to provide value and entertainment to readers. That’s why she write in so many different genres: children, non-fiction, science fiction, fantasy…

She is Canadian and has lived in Mexico and the United States.

About Mine Your Brain:

“If you change the quality of your thinking, you change the quality of your life.” – Brian Tracy

You can transform your life and generate revolutionary ideas and solutions if you build your thinking skills, and it starts with asking more powerful questions.

We often turn to others to figure out what we should do with our lives, but wouldn’t it make more sense to turn inward to find our own answers? Why would we assume other people’s insights are better than ours?

This booklet is filled with high-level questions you can use to propel your personal life and career. If you purchase this book, commit to work on at least some questions. It won’t be as helpful if you simply read through them.

Your mind contains gold & diamond. Dig in.

Author Interview with Josiane Fortin:

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  1. What literary pilgrimages have you gone on? 

I have been to many countries, but I have written an actual novel about my backpacking trip to Italy.

  1. What are common traps for aspiring writers? 

Not writing to market. If you want to sell many books, you need to offer a product people want to buy.

  1. Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book? 

I’d like to be more strategic with my writing. However, I started by publishing passion projects, which can confuse fans. This is something I will work on in the coming years, to unify my brand.

  1. If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be? 

Be consistent, keep publishing, keep learning, success will come.

  1. How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have? 

I have two drafts right now that are one hold. I want to focus on my new series which I am plotting right now.

  1. What does literary success look like to you? 

I’d like to make a living out of my self-published works.

  1. How do you select the names of your characters? 

If they are human characters, I google what were the most popular names in their year of birth and country of origin and pick among the first 25 names. I try not to have characters starting with the same letter of the alphabet or that are just too similar. If I am looking for magical or alien names, I look for free online name generators and look through the suggestions.

  1. What time of the day do you usually write? 

I write at night when my kids are in bed.

  1. What is the most difficult part about writing for you? 

I have a concise style of writing, so my books tend to be short. I must learn how to flesh out in more details or add more conflicts to make the story longer but still keep it interesting.

  1. Is writing your full-time career? Or would you like it to be? 

Writing is not my full-time career at this point, but I am working towards that goal. I am learning every single day to better my craft and promote my books.

  1. Are you on social media and can your readers interact with you? 

Yes, I reply to every single comment and I love getting interactions on my TikTok!

  1. How many books have you written? Which is your favorite? 

I have written 6 novels and 3 non-fiction books. I am proud of every single one of them!

  1. Do you have any new series planned? 

I am working on a 7-book urban fantasy series about witches. It will feature a very powerful young witch learning her way through a new world where villains are trying to modify human DNA.

  1. What are you reading now?

I typically read two books at the same time, one fiction and one non-fiction. Depending on my level of energy, I always try to get some learning done first, then escape to fictional universes. Right now, I am reading The Fantasy Fiction Formula by Deborah Cherster and a historical romance.

  1. Who is the author you most admire in your genre? 

I really admire Margaret Atwood, who has an impressive writing career. I identify with her because she is Canadian like me and also a feminist. She is smart and keeps working at 82 years old.

  1. Do you have a library membership? 

Yes, I have two actually. I borrow books and ebooks. I love my local library and always get excited when I visit. I like to bring my kids so they get to share my passion for books.

To learn more about Josiane Fortin, here’s where you can find her:

TikTok: www.tiktok@josiane_fortin

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