Promote Your Book Signing Events on TikTok

Promote Your Book Signing Events on TikTok

If you are doing any kind of in-person events—readings, book signings, book club chats, award ceremonies, etc.—take advantage of these opportunities and create a TikTok! This is a great way to show your credibility as an author and promote your book.

You don’t have to do a dance at your event like Chelle Sloan (@chellewritesromance) does in this video:

Although her video had 4,722 likes and over 35,000 views within the first day of her posting it, so I’m not saying it’s a bad idea if you’re bold enough to give it a try! 

If you’re doing any book signing events, here are some ways you can create a fun video to highlight the event:

  1. Simply take a video of you signing a copy and add a good background sound and inspiring text on the screen:

Here’s an example by @alex.aster:

Background sound: “How does it feel to live MY dream?”
Text on screen: “My 12 year old self at my current self, a full-time author in NYC” 

  1. Or take a video of you signing several copies. You can do this with the time lapse function in your camera app or you can increase the speed of your video. Then add a background song that goes along with the feel of your video. 

Here’s an example by

  1. Create a video with a compilation of photos and/or videos of you at the book signing event. Show the table with your books on it and other swag you had available. Show people waiting in line at your table. Add a good background song and text on the screen to tell the story of your event. 

Here’s an example by @kaylynnflanders:

  1. Record yourself simply talking about your book signing event, before or after it happens. Tessa Bailey (@authortessabailey), author of It Happened One Summer, posted the video where she talks about the fact that she wrote a book that place in Westport, Washington and (crazy!) she’s now doing a book signing in Westport, Washington. She tells viewers a little about her book, a little about the event, and lets them know that tickets for the event are now on sale. 
  1. Post a video of your possible outfit choices for your upcoming book signing and let viewers vote on which one you should wear. Or do a #GRWM (get ready with me) video showing you getting ready for your event, talk about what you’re doing, where it is, and plug your book.

Here’s an example from @authorbeccataylor:

There are so many ways you can highlight your events. Not only will this build your credibility as an author, but it will also give viewers a chance to celebrate with you. Even if your book signing event is not “official,” like this one that @kamera_renee did, you can turn it into an entertaining video that helps readers discover you and inspires other writers.

For more tips, see this post on 19 ways to promote a book on TikTok.

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