How to Share Quotes From Your Book on TikTok

Share quotes from your book on Tiktok

Book quote videos can be really boring…OR they can be a lot of fun. Your goal is to make yours one of the latter. The difference here will come down to your creativity and originality.

What makes the quote shareable? Is it romantic? Inspiring? Shocking? Thought-provoking? 

Think about how you can tie that into the theme of the video you create. What will make the quote stand out to your ideal reader?

I did a simple search on the hashtag #BookQuote and found five example videos with book quotes. These examples aren’t necessarily quotes shared by the authors themselves. They are book quotes shared by people in the BookTok community. But as an author, you can create similar videos with quotes from your own book(s). 

Here are the five examples of book quote videos and how each creator set up the video:

  1. He (or she) flips through the pages of the book and then slowly scrolls through the quote on the page. There’s music that goes along with the theme and kind of transitions the video from the flipping to the scrolling.
  1. She slowly scrolls through the quote on the page while someone reads it out loud.
  1. She shows herself reading a book in bed. The viewer can see the cover of the book and she displays the quote in text on the screen.

Why am I 21 years old& just now finding proper beautiful characterization for a #blackwoman #taliahibbert #bookrec #bookquote #lomisthoughts

♬ original sound – favsoundds
  1. She dramatically reads the quote out loud. She uses a black and white filter and background music that both match the tone of the quote.
  1. He (or she) uses almost like a stock video (just trees blowing in the wind with a black and white filter). The words are displayed on the screen and there’s background music that goes along with the theme.

Search the hashtag #BookQuote to find other ideas and inspiration.

You could even duet or stitch other TikToks asking about quotes. Again, searching on the hashtag #BookQuote, I found videos with the following questions/prompts that could be dueted or stitched with a quote from your book if it fits:

  • What’s a book quote you’ll remember until your last breath?
  • Tell me a book quote that broke you or made you believe in love.
  • What book quote would you genuinely tattoo on your body?
  • What is a book quote that shattered your heart into pieces?
  • Convince me to read your favorite book with one quote.

Identify the quotes in your book that are shareable and use these tips to start creating videos to pique the your potential readers.

For more tips, see this post on 19 ways to promote a book on TikTok.

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