VIDEO: A Comparison of The 5AM Club vs The Miracle Morning

Comparing The 5am Club vs The Miracle Morning

At the beginning of this year I started waking up at 5am and doing a workout program first thing in the morning. When I started that, I thought it would be a good idea to read The 5am Club to motivate myself to get up early. After reading The 5am Club I decided to read The Miracle Morning to continue learning more about the benefits of waking up early and spending focused time in the morning on specific activities for increased productivity, happiness and success.

After reading both, I thought it would be helpful to do a comparison of the two. Here’s my YouTube video comparing them:


This video will be a little bit different than my normal video book reviews, but I wanted to do a quick comparison of The 5AM Club and The Miracle Morning. So I read these two books this year and just wanted to talk about the difference between the two of them in case you’re interested in the idea of waking up early and how that might change your life.

So The 5AM Club is written like a fictional story. And that took me a little bit by surprise. Since it’s a non-fiction book, I just wasn’t expecting that. And it gets a little silly and a little long and drawn out for what the final result is and what you learn. But some people might like that.

I mean, if you like fiction, you tend to like fiction and are wanting to read a book like this, it may be the right fit for you. I kept thinking while I was reading The 5AM Club that it was very restrictive. You have to get up at 5:00 AM and you have to do these three things. And the three things are…that part’s easy. It’s one hour in the morning. But it was more just like how restrictive his teaching is. It has to be 5:00 AM. And I kept thinking like, gosh, when I was younger, when my kids were babies that would have been really hard for me to do. Or people who have a job, you know, with weird hours, like that just would be a really hard practice, I think.

So I kept thinking that when I was reading it, but I was still just kind of curious about this idea of getting up early and kind of how how it can change you and, and why why it’s recommended. So I then wanted to read The Miracle Morning and I, I, so I read that one next. And that one is very similar in the teaching as far as getting up early, but it’s different it’s, you know, it’s written as a normal nonfiction book.

It seemed shorter and just easier to read. I read that one in about 10 days compared to about 30 days for The 5AM Club. And I always read about 10 pages every morning. So it, it seemed like I read it a lot faster and the approaches similar. Hal Elrod, the author of The Miracle Morning is not as restrictive about you have to get up at 5:00 AM.

He, you know, he, he says you have to work this into your life. So if you work a night job or whatever, he just teaches to get up an hour earlier than you normally would. And then to do actually six things. His approach is…it’s similar, but he has six things, it’s called SAVERS. So silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading. And the last one is scripting, which is he it’s like journaling, but he needed an S so it’s SAVERS…really easy to remember.

And it just is more, I think, adaptable to most people’s…I think just the to most how most people function. Because I have been practicing this since the beginning of the year. Just getting up early and not even intentionally doing the things that they say to do in either book, just, I was getting up early to do an exercise program that I’ve kind of started working some of these things in. But some days I have to like leave right away after my exercise or I just have something going on and it’s really hard to do, so I take the approach of like fit the things in when I can. Try to do it in the morning and as early as possible, but if I can’t…fit them in later in the day.

So the only downside of The Miracle Morning to me was there’s kind of like this constant upsell of his other, his other products which is not a bad thing. It’s just something to know when you’re reading it that he built a community, so it’s not just about reading the one book. He has a Facebook community and he has a podcast and he has just all of these things that like, kind of like really to get people engaged with one another around The Miracle Morning and get people excited about that and communicating with each other about it and learning from each other.

And so he talks a lot about those things in the book. It’s always like kind of, you know, check out this thing or check out that thing. It, again, it’s totally fine. It’s just, you just know that going into it.

Between the two, I found them both very inspirational and motivational. If, if you’re interested in the idea, I would recommend The Miracle Morning over The 5AM Club, unless you just really like the idea of the fictional writing style.

So there it is! A comparison of the two.

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