BOOK REVIEW: The Client Stampede by Julie Guest

The Client Stampede

BOOK REVIEW: The Client Stampede
by Julie Guest


ABOUT THE BOOK (from Amazon):

Imagine being able to cut away your marketing confusion in one swift move. No more smoke and mirrors. No more cashflow feasts or famines. No more wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work.No more cold prospecting of any kind. Imagine instead, a steady flow of highly qualified leads who seek you out, happily paying higher prices than you ever thought possible.

This isn’t pie in the sky. Used by hundreds of top-performing businesses and thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners, the Client Stampede Marketing Formula will work for your business. Seven simple steps to achieve a level of marketing and sales success you never thought possible!


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I’m rating this book 4 stars with the caveat that that rating only applies for non-marketing people. If you’re in marketing, I’d say this is a 3-star book for you.

The Client Stampede is a quick read. I read it on a two-hour airplane ride. The information is very basic for people in marketing. However, for someone who’s fairly new to marketing and wants to improve the marketing, branding and sales within their small business, I think this is a great resource.

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