VIDEO BOOK REVIEW: The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

The Miracle Morning

About The Miracle Morning (from Amazon):

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My Video Book Review:



Welcome to another video book review. This week we are looking at The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. So the last review that I did was for The 5AM Club. And when I finished that, I wanted to read another book on the same topic and just continue studying the idea that waking up early is good for you. And fully understand the benefits and the practice.

So I picked this one and, um, similar idea, very different style, but similar idea. You gotta get up early in the morning, do certain things, specific things, and that will help you increase your, kind of set the tone for the day, uh, increase your productivity, increase your positivity, your gratitude, be more focused with your day. Elrod, uh, talks about your, uh, doing these things helps you achieve your level 10 success.

So. I found this book really inspiring. I am not doing all of the things that he says yet, but I’m working on it, working on getting all of those things into my daily routine. So there’s six things that he recommends doing every morning.

He does allow for some flexibility with that. So that’s really helpful that it’s not, doesn’t have to be super rigid. It’s, it’s, you know, he talks about how to fit those into your life, whether you have 10 minutes or you have an hour, um, but basically, you know, making this a habit of getting up early and doing these things.

The book is super short. It really took me just a few days of reading 10 pages a day. It’s pretty quick to, to read, uh, and like I said, inspiring, I’m going to continue this practice and, um, just see where it takes me. I I’m into the idea of it. Not totally convinced about the benefits of it for me yet, but I will report back and let you know.

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