TikTok for Authors: Reveal Your Writing Space

Reveal Your Writing Space

You may be thinking, why would anyone want to see my writing space? But the reality is that seeing your writing space gives viewers a glimpse of who you are behind the scenes. They are getting to know you little-by-little through your videos and maybe your other social media content as well. Sharing your writing space may reveal things about you that you take for granted but that others may find really interesting.

I, for example, work from a treadmill desk. Whenever I share this it tends to be a conversation starter. How many miles do you walk in a day? How many pairs of shoes do you go through in a year? How do you walk and type at the same time? I’ve heard about every question you can think of. I even wrote a blog post about it to answer the most frequently asked questions I receive. And I turned that into a TikTok:

Some people may reveal that their writing space includes amazing views, interesting desk set ups, beautiful artwork, fun little gadgets on their desk, etc. Others, like Gail R. Delaney (@gailrdelaneynovelist) may humorously admit that they write sitting in bed surrounded by pets.

@khhelenswrites posted this video asking writers to stitch her video and reveal their writing space, so there’s one you can take advantage of and produce quickly.

Think about what makes your space unique and highlight it. Do you have a pet that sits with you when you write? Do you have any fun writing tools? Do you keep anything around you for inspiration? Do you have any special lighting that would be fun to feature? Do you keep books from any other authors around your desk? Do you have any unique challenges around you during writing time (i.e. kids or other family members)? Do you enjoy any special snacks or beverages when you write? Do you use anything to set the mood while you’re writing — candles, incense, diffuser, etc. These are all things you probably take for granted but viewers may find them very interesting and possibly even motivational.

If you want to remake your writing space to make it more inspirational (or more fun for TikTok videos!), you can do a video showing the planning and thought process, record video of you doing the work, and do a before and after video to show the overall transformation.

There are so many ways you can reveal your writing space. Don’t just give a one-time tour and check this one off your list. Instead, think of ways you can provide more detail about things in your writing space that viewers find interesting (you’ll know this by their comments and/or questions). Tie the things in your space to scenes in your book, if applicable. 

Take a moment to brainstorm ideas from these tips, and you should be able to include at least one writing space video per month in your monthly schedule.

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