My Todoist Year in Review

Todoist Year in Review 2021

One email I look forward to receiving every year is my Todoist Year in Review!

I am a total productivity geek. I love making myself lists of things I need to do and then checking items off my list throughout the day. I use Todoist to manage my personal to dos, my work to dos, things I want to delegate to other people, articles to read or videos to watch while I’m traveling, etc., etc. If it crosses my mind, it goes in Todoist!

I was a little surprised this year that I fell from the top 1% to the top 3%. Seeing that made me realize I wasn’t quite as diligent in 2021 about using my lists in Todoist as a guide for my workflow throughout the day. I need to work on that in 2022!

Here are a few of the highlights my report included this year:

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Daily, Weekly, Monthly Task Count

I have two daily checklists set up in Todoist — one for work and one for my personal life. My work daily checklist includes things like: clear email inbox, clear Todoist inbox, etc. My personal daily checklist includes things like: read 10 pages of a non-fiction book, take vitamin, workout, etc.. These are all of the basic things I want to do each day. Then I have other lists based on projects and priorities. My day (should) basically revolve around my lists in Todoist, but I may have fallen away from that a little.

Most Productive Day of the Week:

Interestingly, Tuesday was my best day the year before. I don’t know what changed there, but apparently I’m more productive on Monday’s now.

Most Productive Time of the Day:

Same as the year before. I normally start working around 7am, so I think my productivity peaks at 8am because I check off all of my quick and easy daily tasks between 7 and 8:30am or so. Then I start getting into more detailed tasks and projects that take longer to work on and complete.

Productivity Measured Throughout the Year:

50 less than the year before. That could be another factor. Maybe I have been ignoring my checklists on the weekends more than I used to.

What do you use to keep track of your to do’s? Do you need to get better at getting things done this year?

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