VIDEO BOOK REVIEW: The Next CMO by Peter Mahoney, Scott Todaro, Dan Faulkner

The Next CMO

About The Next CMO (from Amazon):

The world is changing and so is the marketing profession. CMOs and the next generation of marketing leaders need to read this book to develop a strategy for ensuring operational excellence to achieve their goals. This book will provide a best practices approach for forming your marketing goals, creating a strategy, building a plan, crafting impactful campaigns, optimizing budgetary spending, and measuring true ROI. This book provides models, practical approaches, and templates to help the reader structure their own marketing strategy.

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Welcome to another video book review. This week we are looking at The Next CMO.

This book has three authors, so Peter Mahoney, Scott Todaro, and Dan Faulkner.

I saw Scott Todaro speak at the Traffic & Conversion conference a few months ago. And he mentioned his book when he was speaking. And it just sounded interesting to me.

What he kind of talked about and what his book is about is measuring what you do in marketing. So a lot of times we think that we just can’t measure a certain things in marketing, but his theory is that you can measure everything you do in marketing. And so I wanted to read the book and find out more about it.

True to its title, The Next CMO, this book is really for CMOs, chief marketing officers, very high level marketing people in large companies. I think that’s who would get the most out of this book.

I’m a director of marketing for a company that is about 10 million. And it seems like a little bit beyond, you know, our size and our level.

Still as a marketing director, I found the book helpful, especially the last three chapters. So when he really starts to apply his concepts to what we do in marketing and kind of gives you some guidelines around that, that’s where I found it the most useful.

It’s super short, just 174 pages, so you can read it in a couple of hours. But I had to spend a lot of time processing what I read. So I read it quickly and then spent a lot of time on the last couple of chapters. Just really trying to understand how to apply that to my marketing budget, to my marketing team. I’m still working it out.

So I’m actually kind of creating a marketing ROI plan for this year that I want us to use based on what I read in this book. But it’s not really as easy as well when he tries to make it sound like it is complicated. It’s just trying, it kind of coaches you on, on really getting down to what really matters and measuring those things. Coming up with some of those numbers, it’s a little complicated.

But it’s definitely worth reading if you’re in marketing, especially if you’re in a high level position.

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