How to recycle your old reading devices

How to recycle your old reading devices

First of all…Happy New Year!

During the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve I spent three days cleaning out a large storage closet and another day cleaning my home office. I finally sat down today with a pile of “to-do” items I had collected while I was cleaning. I had an old iPad and a really old Kindle I wasn’t sure what to do with. Neither of them work anymore, so they’re not worth giving away or trading in. I did a little bit of Google searching and was surprised by how easy it was to recycle both of them, so I thought some of you may also find this information helpful.

How to recycle an old iPad

Apple offers a trade-in program for old (eligible) devices, but if your iPad is as old as mine was, it’s not eligible. In that case, Apple will send you an envelope so you can send it in to be recycled–for free!

  1. Visit Apple’s Trade In page.
  2. Towards the middle of the page, select the type of device you have to “get a trade-in estimate” (again, if yours is as old as mine, it will just direct you to the recycling process).
  3. Enter the information requested and Apple will send you what you need to mail in the device for recycling.

How to recycle an old Kindle

Amazon offers a recycling program as well. If your device is eligible to be traded in, you can start that process here. If, on the other hand, it’s really old like mine was, you can start the process to recycle your Kindle here. Just enter a few details and Amazon will provide you with a mailing label to print out so you can mail in your device right away.

I was super excited to discover these two resources. My two devices are now on their way to being recycled and are no longer cluttering up my office! Win-win!

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