November 2021 Book Reviews Wrap Up

It seems like my reading slowed down a little bit in November, but really I’m just in the middle of a number of books right now and haven’t finished a lot of them yet.

What I did complete was one Kindle Unlimited book an author asked me to read and review, one audiobook also on Kindle Unlimited, and one Kindle First book I’d had on my list for a long time. I also posted a review for an ARC copy I read a couple months ago. The book, Tom Collins, was just released in early November so I finally able to post my review for it.

In December I’m hoping to wrap up a few review copies I accepted from authors. Plus I’d like to read some holiday-related books.

Here’s a recap of (most of) the books I reviewed in November in case you missed them:

So…what about you? What have you been reading lately?

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