BOOK REVIEW: Thief River Falls by Brian Freeman

Thief River Falls

BOOK REVIEW: Thief River Falls
by Brian Freeman


ABOUT THE BOOK (from Amazon):

Harrowing loss, psychological trauma, and a deadly mystery test the human will to survive in this electrifying novel from award-winning author Brian Freeman.

Lisa Power is a tortured ghost of her former self. The author of a bestselling thriller called Thief River Falls, named after her rural Minnesota hometown, Lisa is secluded in her remote house as she struggles with the loss of her entire family: a series of tragedies she calls the “Dark Star.”

Then a nameless runaway boy shows up at her door with a terrifying story: he’s just escaped death after witnessing a brutal murder—a crime the police want to cover up. Obsessed with the boy’s safety, Lisa resolves to expose this crime, but powerful men in Thief River Falls are desperate to get the boy back, and now they want her too.

Lisa and her young visitor have nowhere to go as the trap closes around them. Still under the strange, unforgiving threat of the Dark Star, Lisa must find a way to save them both, or they’ll become the victims of another shocking tragedy she can’t foresee.


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I’m starting to realize how much I enjoy thrillers. I love when I just don’t want to stop reading a book because I need to know what happens next. That was this book for me.

The main character, Lisa Power, is an author who grew up in a town called Thief River Falls. She writes a thriller that becomes a best seller and is discovered by Reese Witherspoon who wants to turn it into a series. Lisa’s success is incredible, but we quickly learn that she has been through a lot of loss in her life. And that loss has taken its toll on her.

One night Lisa discovers a young boy in her yard. The boy has little memory of who he is or where he came from, but one thing he does remember is witnessing a horrific crime, and based on his story, Lisa’s no longer sure who she can trust. She makes it her mission to help the boy find his way home without anyone else finding him first.

I really enjoyed this story, and definitely recommend it if you like thrillers!

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