BOOK REVIEW: The Haunting of Brynn Wilder by Jeneva Rose

BOOK REVIEW: The Haunting of Brynn Wilder
by Wendy Webb


ABOUT THE BOOK (from Amazon):

After a devastating loss, Brynn Wilder escapes to Wharton, a tourist town on Lake Superior, to reset. Checking into a quaint boardinghouse for the summer, she hopes to put her life into perspective. In her fellow lodgers, she finds a friendly company of strangers: the frail Alice, cared for by a married couple with a heartbreaking story of their own; LuAnn, the eccentric and lovable owner of the inn; and Dominic, an unsettlingly handsome man inked from head to toe in mesmerizing tattoos.

But in this inviting refuge, where a century of souls has passed, a mystery begins to swirl. Alice knows things about Brynn, about all of them, that she shouldn’t. Bad dreams and night whispers lure Brynn to a shuttered room at the end of the hall, a room still heavy with a recent death. And now she’s become irresistibly drawn to Dominic—even in the shadow of rumors that wherever he goes, suspicious death follows.

In this chilling season of love, transformation, and fear, something is calling for Brynn. To settle her past, she may have no choice but to answer.


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This was another book I selected for Halloween month thinking it would be spooky, but it really wasn’t. That’s probably good, though. I wanted a spooky book, but I’m not a fan of horror or anything like that anyway.

I found this book on Kindle Unlimited as well. This was my first Audible “companion” book. I liked that a lot—being able to read the words on the screen (when possible) while listening to the audiobook version.

This story was good—a bit of a thriller. There wasn’t quite as much mystery behind Alice as I expected from the synopsis. The end was…interesting. In just a couple of pages everything comes together in a way that makes you really think.

Overall the story was enjoyable. It kind of made me want to visit Wharton!

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