VIDEO BOOK REVIEW: Write to Speak by Mike Acker

Write to Speak

About Write to Speak (from Amazon):

This small book shows you HOW TO WRITE A SPEECH, how to craft a talk, or HOW TO PREPARE A PRESENTATION.

Write to Speak is a simple guide to creating content to connect with your audience.

You will learn a repeatable system that has been proven to work for novice and experienced speakers. This book will help you.

Can you relate to one of these questions or something similar?

  • “What am I going to say?” 
  • “I have so much to say that I don’t know what to say.” 
  • “I’ve been asked to speak but don’t know how to get ready.” 
  • “How do I write a speech!?”

One thing is sure, you have some type of speech coming up!

This could be a talk, a presentation, a sermon, a podcast, an interview, an update, a toast, or one of the many other forms of upfront communication. As your speech approaches your uncertainty encroaches on your peace of mind. You find yourself worrying “HOW DO I WRITE A SPEECH?” 

OR, you speak often and you need a system to speed up your writing. You give quarterly reports, you lead meetings, you regularly provide updates, you speak at a faith-based organization or a non-profit, or you are regularly invited to present on your expertise. You find yourself asking “IS THERE A BETTER WAY TO DO THIS?”

Whether you are trying to improve your current process or are trying to find remedial help, this book will take from start to finish crafting your speech. You will learn:

  • How to have confidence before even beginning.
  • How to pick an idea.
  • How to come up with content.
  • How to organize around points.
  • How to write an intriguing introduction.
  • How to write a compelling conclusion.
  • How to make it better.
  • How to have a method that you can do over and over.

This booklet complements my Public Speaking School and other books in this expanding series on speech. Though this book is not meant to be exhaustive, it is thoroughly instructive.

Receive this instruction while ready to write out your own ideas and plans. Use this to create content that connects and compels. As you work through this

My Video Book Review:



It’s video book review time again, and today we’re looking at Write to Speak by Mike Acker.

I signed myself up recently to give a marketing presentation, which is not common for me. I don’t normally give presentations. I normally prepare people for presentations. I help create their marketing materials. I help put together the presentation, but I don’t normally do it myself.

So I had a lot of anxiety around putting together a presentation and wanting to make sure that it was done really well. So I researched books, came across this one. It’s super short. It’s just like 140 pages or so. Which was great. It’s just straight to the point.

He walks you through everything from the idea of I’m going to present on a topic to kind of brainstorming the topic and the outline, creating that outline, creating the flow of the presentation, creating the wrap up and how you’re going to kind of grab your audience’s attention from the beginning.

All of those things were really helpful to me as I was putting together my presentation. And I will definitely use this book as a resource for any other presentations that I prepare.

If you do any kind of speaking, this book is definitely a handy resource.

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