BOOK REVIEW: The Wilderness Between Us by Penny Haw

BOOK REVIEW: The Wilderness Between Us
by Penny Haw


ABOUT THE BOOK (from Amazon):

Faye Mackenzie and her friends’ anorexic daughter, Clare, are thrown together when a flood separates them from their hiking group in the remote, mountainous Tsitsikamma region of South Africa. With Clare critically injured, Faye is compelled to overcome her self-doubt and fear of the wild to take care of the younger woman, who opens her heart to Faye.

As their new friendship takes the women on an unexpected journey of discovery, the rest of the group wrestles with the harrowing aftermath of their own near tragedy. When the hiking party is reunited, their number is reduced by one. 

Juxtaposing physical and psychological suspense, The Wilderness Between Us is a tale of two fragile women who unexpectedly find clarity, independence, and renewed purpose as they fight to survive. It is a vivid, moving story about family, friendship, adventure, and the healing power of nature and compassion.


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A group of old friends goes on a hike in South Africa. One of the friends can’t make it on the trip. So Clare, her college-age daughter, takes her place along with her dad.

Clare, who’s struggling with an eating disorder, ends up with a migraine during the trip. She chooses to stay at the cabin until she’s feeling better. Feeling a bit out of place in the group, she wants to be alone. She plans to connect back up with them later that day or the next day.

Faye, a stay-at-home mom and friend of Clare’s parents, feels uneasy about leaving Clare alone. She decides to go back to be with her.

Some rare weather derails everyone’s plans. This gives Clare and Faye some time to connect with one another. As drama unfolds, and the women have some time to reflect on their lives, the event is life-changing for both of them.

“The Faye leaving the forest wasn’t the Faye who’d arrived there.”

The Wilderness Between Us is a fairly quick read and a beautiful story.

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