VIDEO BOOK REVIEW: The 7 Perspectives of Effective Leaders by Daniel Harkavy

The 7 Perspectives of Effective Leaders

About The 7 Perspectives of Effective Leaders (from Amazon):

According to CEO and executive coach Daniel Harkavy, effective leadership boils down to just two things: your decisions and influence. Good decisions lead to strong results, which in turn increase your influence. If you get these two things right, your leadership effectiveness improves.

But as all leaders know, it’s not that easy, especially in today’s fast-paced, complex, and connected environment. To make the best decisions and have maximum impact, you need to see your business from seven perspectives:

  • current reality
  • long-term vision
  • strategic bets
  • the team
  • the customer
  • your role
  • the outsider

Drawing upon his 25 years of experience as a successful CEO and executive coach, and including conversations and thinking from more than 20 well-known business and organizational leaders, Daniel Harkavy unpacks a proven framework you can implement for immediate results in your organization’s culture and performance. If you’re looking to improve your leadership, this book will give you a straightforward framework to do so.

My Video Book Review:



It’s video book review time again, and this week we were looking at The 7 Perspectives of Effective Leaders by Daniel Harkavy. I struggled with this book a little bit, and I’ll tell you why. I gave it three stars. I think it’s a good book, but when Daniel Harkavy talks about leadership, he is only referring to business owners who are leaders. So he’s not talking about leadership in the sense of, you know, I’m a, I’m a manager, I’m, you know, C suite whatever at my company. No, he’s talking about business owners only. And that was frustrating to me when I was reading it because I just felt like that was not how the book was presented.

So as I was reading it, I realized that the majority of what he’s talking about is not for me, it’s for the owner of my company only. So I, I think if you own a company, if you own a business and you know, want to work on your leadership skills, it’s worth reading, but for anyone else in leadership, there are so many great books out there on, on leadership, this is not the one for you.

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