How many books do you typically bring with you when traveling? – A Book Club Discussion

how many books do people bring on vacation

I run the book club for Remotive, a networking space for remote workers (including folks seeking remote work). It’s not your average book club. We don’t pick a book to read together. Instead we meet once a month to discuss whatever we’re each reading individually and swap reading recommendations.

The group includes folks from all over the world. In addition to our monthly meetings, I post a discussion question in our Slack channel. I recently asked the following question to my book club:

Question: How many books do you typically bring with you when traveling?

Below was our discussion (and I’d love to continue the conversation with you in the comments section!):

Members names and images have been removed for privacy.

Answer #1:

Depends on direction of travel:

  • From home to vacation: 3 or 4 plus ebook reader with around 300 books
  • From vacation to home: 1 or 2

Explanation: I normally buy loads of books when being on vacation (at least wen I can find shops selling german and/or english books). And since I’m a lazy oaf and don’t want to carry them back, I send the books back home by mail on my last day. This way they normally arrive some days later :slightly_smiling_face:

Answer #2:

Just one: I usually travel light. 🙂

Response to #2:

I wish I could/would. I also carry at least one pair of shoes per day (well, ok, not for two week stays, but then at least 4 or 5 pairs) and an equal amount of trousers & skirts 

Answer #3:

I was just on vacation and I brought THREE books along. I always know better but still do it. I didn’t read a single page in a week of travel. 

Answer #4:

1-2 is usually enough to make sure I have reading material to pass the evenings after work ends.

Answer #5:

I just bring my kindle :stuck_out_tongue:

Response to #5:


DISCUSSION: So, what about you? How many books do you pack when you go on a trip?

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