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GTD + Todoist

I am a total productivity geek!

I love reading books about productivity, and I love checklists. I first started using Todoist a few years ago to manage my “to-dos.” Then when I read Getting Things Done a little over a year ago, I became obsessed with configuring Todoist so I could use it along with the Getting Things Done (or GTD) methodology.

If you’re interested in learning how to boost your productivity and would like to use a tool like Todoist to help keep you organized, here are three posts I’ve published recently with everything you need to get started:

First of all, read the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. This first post is my review of the book: BOOK REVIEW: Getting Things Done by David Allen

Next, I wrote this post on how I capture my to-do items effectively, how I utilize Todoist and how I organize my lists in Todoist to go along with the GTD methodology. This post also includes a handy link to the GTD Guided Mind Sweep (podcast episode) which I do monthly.

Finally, I shared the post above with a Todoist community on Facebook. I then wrote this follow-up post to address some of the community members’ questions/comments about my Todoist setup. I go into more detail in this post about the GTD Workflow. I also include in the post a handy link to the Guided GTD Weekly Review podcast episode.

So there you go, everything you need to be more productive and more organized. If you haven’t read the book yet, I definitely recommend starting there. If you use something other than Todoist to manage your tasks, that’s fine. I’ve found that different tools work for different people Todoist happens to be my favorite, but you may prefer another tool such as Asana, Trello, or something else. Whatever you use, just know that you may need to spend some time getting it properly organized and configured, but it’s totally worth spending that time to make the tool work effectively.

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