BOOK REVIEW: SYSTEMology by David Jenyns


by David Jenyns


ABOUT THE BOOK (from Amazon):

Do you sometimes feel like your business is an adult daycare centre? Are you constantly repeating yourself, fixing errors and trying to hold things together? What if it were possible to create a business that runs itself?

You’ve dreamed about it – now it’s time to make this a reality!

If you’re anything like many seasoned business owners, you’ve tried and failed to systemise your business. The reality is, your shiny business isn’t as functional as it looks from the outside; it’s unorganised, inconsistent and key-person dependent.

SYSTEMology solves this problem with a proven, step-by-step business systemisation framework – designed so that even the busiest business owner can deploy it. Drawing on 20+ years of business experience and real-life case studies, David Jenyns details the path to complete business reliability.

Here are just a few of the myths we will bust along the way:

  • You will need to create hundreds of systems to systemise a business.
  • The business owner is the only one who can create the systems.
  • Creating systems is time-consuming.
  • You need to invest in expensive and complex software.
  • Even if you have systems in place, your team won’t follow them.
  • Systemisation destroys creativity.
  • You need to systemise like McDonald’s.

The fact is, successful business owners worldwide are applying SYSTEMology every day to create time, reduce errors and scale their profits – and now you can too!

My Review:

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SYSTEMology is a must-read for business owners. If you’ve ever read The E-Myth, Traction, Scaling Up or Built to Sell, you’re probably well-aware that creating systems within your company is (eventually) essential for growth and long-term success. But, simply knowing that you should be creating systems within your business doesn’t necessarily mean that you know how to create those systems.

This is where David Jenyns comes in.

In his book, Jenyns walks business owners through the process of how to create documented systems and processes. Having these systems in place enables an owner to take a step away from the business—whether they want to take a month-long vacation or free themselves up to pursue whatever opportunities that may come their way. It also helps increase the value of a company because the success of the business is no longer dependent upon a single person. Jenyns provides business owners with a practical seven-step process (a system, if you will) for creating systems. He also offers a plethora of resources on his website designed to support owners in their journey.

“…your biggest opportunities in business will present themselves when you’re thinking creatively AND have space to take advantage of them.” – @davidjenyns, #SYSTEMology

I am a systems champion through-and-through so I absolutely loved this book. I definitely recommend it for any business owner who’s ready to get him or herself out of the day-to-day grind of running their business and experience freedom and peace of mind.

Want to get to know the author more? I posted this video interview with him earlier this week. Check it out!

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