Exploring Video Marketing Strategies [Podcast Video]

I recently got to join Jamie Nau, Summit CPA Group’s Director of Accounting, and Stephen G. Pope, founder of SGP Labs, on the Modern CPA Success Show podcast to discuss the importance of incorporating videos in your marketing strategy.

In this episode, Stephen talks about the importance of incorporating videos in your marketing strategy. He discusses how videos can help you grow and scale your business and help you reach your target audience better.

Having gone through Stephen’s course, I talk about our experiences at Summit CPA Group with video and what we’ve learned from Stephen.

The finer details of this episode:

  • How video helps you connect to your audience
  • Why it’s important to incorporate a video marketing strategy into your social media and other marketing efforts in general
  • How to be comfortable in video
  • Tips on getting your very first video done

Watch the podcast video here:

Or, if you’d prefer just to listen to it, here’s the audio format:

If you’d like to learn more about Stephen Pope, visit his website: https://sgplabs.com/
For more Summit CPA Group podcast episodes visit: http://www.summitcpa.net/podcasts

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