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I recently received the following question from one of my readers:

I am helping my 80 year old dad create a facebook page for his book.

He has been asked by his agent to create facebook promotions to help attract a publisher and I am not quite sure whether to set up a facebook page as Author or set up the page as the title of the book.

I apologise in advance if this is a silly question but in looking up reference facebook pages it is quite mixed.

What would you recommend as the best strategy?

Here was my response:

Hey there!

Thanks for reaching out!

Typically I recommend setting up a Facebook Page as an author, especially if there will be more than one book. Even if there will only be one book, people will typically search on social media for an author’s name rather than the title of a book. Also, your dad will want to use the platform to connect with people, and people will feel more connected with a person rather than a book.

In some cases, a Page for the book might make more sense, depending on the genre.

I hope that helps!

DISCUSSION: I’d love to hear opinions from authors in the comments section below. What has been your experience? Did you set up a Facebook Page as the author or as the book? What do you like about it? What has worked well? What do you wish you’d done differently?

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