Content Marketing: a More Subtle Way of Attracting Customers [Infographic]

Return on investment for content marketing is hardly measurable, as most of this advertising strategy’s effects are neither immediate nor exponential. Still, many global marketers put massive efforts into creating top-notch content for quality advertising. If you put it to good use, the benefits are numerous.

Probably the main reason why the effects of content marketing are so undeterminable is the fact that the strategy does not aim to promote your products or services directly, but through sophisticated and sly product placement within a much more general topic.

Here is an example. You are a major smartphone production company marketer, and your main goal is to apply content marketing to your ad campaign. Your first instinct is probably to put out a well-written article about how fantastic the company’s newest smartphone is. However, that is not what content marketing is for.

To apply content marketing, you want to look for a broader topic through which you will be able to accentuate the best properties of your assigned product. For instance, instead of an article directing people to go and buy the smartphone immediately, you can write about the exciting new technologies in the smartphone industry, focusing on the features your smartphone possesses.

The blunt, in-your-face, and straightforward marketing is becoming unwanted in the oversaturated market. That is why marketers are starting to be extremely creative when it comes to marketing and targeting potential customers, especially the ones expecting more from companies.

The previously mentioned and a more direct approach to marketing can easily be “thrown in the garbage,” metaphorically speaking. People prefer not noticing they are targeted for the potential product. That is why they choose to block ads in their browsers or delete their advertising-related emails.

The content you provide must be captivating, engaging, and, most importantly, shareable. If you motivate your potential customers to share your content with other people, you will not only get people to buy your product, but you will also see some serious return on investment.

The technique of content marketing is ever-growing and still developing, so there is a lot to learn. If you are keen on reading more, take a look at this informative infographic below Review 42 put together.

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