Surprising Reading Habits of Millennials — Infographic


When you hear this word, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Sometimes, the word is synonymous to instant gratification and being self-absorbed. It’s really quite a negative connotation.

The thing is, Millennials are actually voracious readers. Believe it or not, they spend more time reading than any other generation.

80% of US adults aged 18-29 years old have admitted to reading a book in any format over the past year. The average Millennial also claims to read 5 books a year.

Additionally, studies show that this particular generation uses public libraries the most, more than Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and the Silent generation. It’s pretty clear that Millenials are winners in the reading game.

Other surprising facts about Millennial reading habits include:

  • They prefer reading news than watching it on TV
  • They love to research and read about things that pique their interests
  • Contrary to popular opinion, they still prefer print books to digital ones

Want to learn more about the reading habits of Millennials? Check out this great infographic by The Expert Editor.  

The Surprising Reading Habits of Millenials

(Click the image above to view the Infographic)

Published by Kelly Schuknecht

I am a marketing strategist and writing coach. I help entrepreneurs and aspiring authors define their goals and map out a plan to crush them.

One thought on “Surprising Reading Habits of Millennials — Infographic

  1. As a millennial, readers look for novelty and the purchasing choices are made by social media recommendations and number of book reviews. helped me gather reviews and launch my book. I use bookbub to help my book reach its potential.

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