Banned Books Around the World — Infographic

Throughout history, books have brought us joy, inspired revolution and helped provoke change.

And there will always be governments and groups who want to suppress the most dangerous of them. 

The Rights of Man by Thomas Paine, Beloved by Toni Morrison, Emile by Jean-Jacques Rousseau—these are just some of the most powerful books that have been banned because of their subversive or inconvenient content. 

You may think that censorship is a thing of the past, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Even today, books are still being banned.

The American Library Association and Amnesty International host Banned Book Weeks every September. The event highlights past and current books that have been frequently challenged in the United States and elsewhere.

In honor of Banned Books Week last month, Global English Editing created an epic literary map that features almost 50 books still banned by countries around the world. 

Check the map below and visit their blog to learn more about these books and why they’re still banned today.

banned books infographic

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