10 #RemoteWork Networking Resources

remote work networking resources

I started working from home in 2007 and I’ve never looked back. Working from home gave me the ability to be home with my kids and build my career at the same time. Now that my kids are older, I love the flexible schedule that comes with working remotely. It allows me to be there for all of their important school, sports, and life events.

Some people think that working from home means you’re by yourself all the time, but that’s not the case at all in my experience. I interact with people all day long on Slack, video calls, and social media.

I also think it’s extremely important as a remote worker to stay connected and network with people outside of your company whenever possible. Whether it be through social media or organized communities, personal growth and new opportunities come from making quality connections with other people.

This week I asked my community on LinkedIn and Twitter for tips on #RemoteWork networking. Here’s what they had to say:

Question: People ask me all the time how they can land a remote job. I always recommend networking in places like Remotive.io, WeWorkRemotely, and Workplaceless. What am I missing? Where are some other good places for #RemoteWork networking?

Lance Robbins, Founder at RemotelyConnected, shared:

I would recommend plugging into some of the Slack or Discord communities that are focused on the industry or technologies that job seekers want to work with, many of them have channels for jobs/opportunities. It’s a good place to get connected and keep an eye out for openings. 

There are a lot of options…Joining one of the following Slack/Discord communities can extend your networking leverage when searching for remote jobs. Inserting yourself into a relevant community can open communication channels that might be closed via other social platforms. Always remember to lead by helping, encouraging and supporting others. The conversations and connections that spring from those interactions will be most valuable in your search.Here’s a few resources that might be helpful.

  1. JavaScript Developers, especially React specialists -Discord –  https://www.reactiflux.com/ 
  2. Marketing Professionals. – https://buffer.com/community
  3. HR/People Ops Professionals – https://weirdlyhub.com/peoplepeople/
  4. Rather than listing a bunch of different software development focused workspaces, here’s a useful blog post with many good ones included. https://apiumhub.com/tech-blog-barcelona/top-14-slack-channels-software-developers/

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Rena O., Head of Operations at Party Dash, shared;

Elpha is also a great community for women to connect. 

In real life is also a great place to connect! Lots of co-working spaces internationally have a number of meet and greets as well as remote working resources.

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Victoria Vanderbilt, Remote Management Consultant, shared:

At TelecommutersTalk we offer networking in a small group setting for remote working parents. Hope this helps! More info here: https://telecommuterstalk.com/connections/

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Remote Networking Resource List:

  1. Remotive
  2. WeWorkRemotely
  3. Workplaceless
  4. PowerToFly (from Maryellen Stockton, Co-Founder of Work Well Wherever)
  5. Reactiflux
  6. Buffer Community
  7. WeirdlyHub
  8. Top 14 Slack Channels for Software Developers
  9. Elpha
  10. TelecommutersTalk

Know of any other remote work networking spaces I’m missing?
Add them in the comments section below!

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