Author Question: How to find an agent [historical fiction]

In that past I have not been very good about keeping up (or responding) when people have contacted me through my blog.  I didn’t mean to ignore any of those messages, I just wasn’t paying attention like I should have.  I received an interesting message today that I thought I would share here and see if my followers have any good advice for this writer.

Here’s the message I received:

Hi Kelly

I have completed my first novel about my Grandfather working for Al Capone in Chicago in the 1920’s. The book is a work of historical fiction and some family facts. The Book is titled Capone’s Wolff, Grandfather Wolff Schneider…

I have had over 60 contacts (read family and business associates) pay to read the new book and overwhelming response is very positive.


Now I need to learn how to engage a larger audience I would be interested in how I connect to an agent who has a love to market historical fictions?

Any thoughts?



Here is my response to Keith.  If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments below.


I will say that I work in the self-publishing industry, so my experience is not in traditional publishing (which sounds like the route you want to take).  I have posted your question here to see if any followers can chime in with some guidance for you.  I also recommend you join the #WritePubChat community on Slack where you can connect with other writers and ask questions like this at any time.

Best of luck to you in your publishing project!  Please come back and share with us about your journey.

Kelly Schuknecht



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