BOOK REVIEW: P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training by Dr. Thomas Gordon


ABOUT THE BOOK (from Amazon):

P.E.T., or Parent Effectiveness Training, began almost forty years ago as the first national parent-training program to teach parents how to communicate more effectively with kids and offer step-by-step advice to resolving family conflicts so everybody wins. This beloved classic is the most studied, highly praised, and proven parenting program in the world — and it will work for you. Now revised for the first time since its initial publication, this groundbreaking guide will show you:

How to avoid being a permissive parent
How to listen so kids will talk to you and talk so kids will listen to you
How to teach your children to “own” their problems and to solve them
How to use the “No-Lose” method to resolve conflicts

Using the timeless methods of P.E.T. will have immediate results: less fighting, fewer tantrums and lies, no need for punishment. Whether you have a toddler striking out for independence or a teenager who has already started rebelling, you’ll find P.E.T. a compassionate, effective way to instill responsibility and create a nurturing family environment in which your child will thrive.


Parent Effectiveness Training is a must-read for parents of all stages.  Whether you feel you have a good relationship with your child(ren) or one that needs work, Dr. Thomas Gordon will teach you how to improve upon what you have with practical tips and advice that anyone can follow. He walks the reader through Active Listening, I-Messages, and creating “win-win” situations rather than “win-lose” situations, which many of us rely on in our parenting (“Because I said so!”). Keep in mind that his methods do not present a “quick fix” for parent/child relationships. To heed his advice will take a lot of time, patience and practice, but I highly recommend this book if you are up to that challenge.

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