Connecting Your Blog with Your Google+ Account

If you blog in WordPress, you can connect your blog with your Google+ account so your posts can automatically be shared on Google+ once you click the Publish button.  To connect WordPress with your Googe+ account, log in to your WordPress account and click “My Sites” in the top left corner.  Then click “Sharing.”


On the page that loads, you will be able to see all of the accounts you can connect with your blog.  Click “Connect” across from Google+ and follow the steps to connect your account.

As you can see, connecting these two accounts is simple, but there’s one more very important step.  I missed this myself until I was paying closer attention to my posts on Google+ while writing this series of posts.  I noticed that my posts on Google+ that were coming from my WordPress blog said “Shared privately.”


This meant that these posts were only being shared to my circles and not publicly where new people would be able to discover them (and +1 them or share them or comment on them – which is the whole point!).

There may be a reason you want to limit your blog posts to all of your circles or specific circles, but if you are like me and you want these posts to go out to the world, you can fix this in just a few seconds.  From within your Google+ account, click on “Settings” under the Home menu.  Under “Apps & activities” click on “Manage apps & activities.”  You should see WordPress under your list of apps.  If the “Visible to” field says something other than Public (i.e. Your circles or Extended circles), click “edit” and change it to Public.  That’s it!  Now your posts will be available for the 2+ billion users on Google+ to discover.


If you use Blogger, connecting your blog with Google+ is even easier, which make sense considering Blogger is owned by Google. Log in to your Blogger account, click Google+ in the menu on the left side and follow the steps to connect your account.  Blogger will allow you to check boxes indicating whether you want to automatically share posts once you publish them or if you want to be prompted to share upon publishing a post so you can decide at the time whether or not you want to share it.

Now every time you post new content on your blog, you can easily expand your reach to the Google+ world.

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