BOOK REVIEW: Foul Play by Janet Evanovich

ABOUT THE BOOK (from Amazon):

When Amy Klasse loses her TV job to a dancing chicken, handsome veterinarian Jake Elliott rescues her with an offer to be his receptionist. Jake just can’t resist a damsel in distress, and Amy certainly doesn’t mind Jake’s charming sincerity.

Then suddenly the job-stealing chicken disappears and Amy is suspected of foul play. Amy and Jake search for clues to prove her innocence. But will Jake be able to prove to Amy that love, too, is a mystery worth solving?


I’m kind of new to romantic fiction.  I typically read non-fiction (various categories), but I recently read Home and Broken Home by Rachel Smith and I enjoyed them so much I wanted to read more in this category.  I picked out a Janet Evanovich book because that was a familiar name and I’ve never read anything by her before.

Foul Play is an easy read with an interesting balance between silly (the whole story is based around a job-stealing chicken after all) and slightly risqué.  The risqué part is probably normal for romantic fiction, but new for me.  I found the story light-hearted and fun.  If you’re a fan of romantic fiction, you will probably enjoy this book. I will definitely read more by Janet Evanovich.

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