BOOK REVIEW: The Hair-Raising Joys of Raising Boys by Dave Meurer

ABOUT THE BOOK (from Amazon):

An instruction book to raising sons? They should come with a deactivate button!

Raising boys is a monumental, multiyear battle, says frazzled dad Dave Meurer. But there’s also an industrial-sized dose of laughter, just waiting to escape. The Hair-Raising Joys of Raising Boys explores many meaningful reflections (a.k.a. laugh-out-loud occurrences and been-there-done-that moments) that only dads can truly understand. In this entertaining book you’ll discover the secrets of

-infant male weaponry
-outsmarting your boys
-sound fiscal planning (and other quaint myths)
-cherished family traditions and other dangers
-and much more

Through the hilarious happenings of his own parenting experiences, Dave Meurer will help you learn to value each moment with a little style, grace, and humor. Because sometimes you just need to laugh.


I won this book as a prize at a MOPS meeting a few years ago and just finally got around to reading it.  When you’re raising young children, after all, (boys or girls) it can be hard to find the time to read books.  Since the beginning of January, though, my husband and I have turned off the television at night and have been using that time instead to read.  It has made a huge difference in the amount of reading I can get done after the kids go to bed!

The Hair-Raising Joys of Raising Boys is a very cute book for mothers of boys, particularly Christian mothers.  It’s a very quick read and would make a great gift for mothers of boys – newborn to high school age.

Meurer is funny (except when he jokes about people from Omaha, which is where I’m from!). He tells stories about his boys with which most parents can relate, but he also has a deeper message throughout the book.  Our children learn from what we do (not what we say) and the years we spend raising them are the setting the foundation for their lives as adults.  Parenthood brings many challenges and great responsibility.  Meurer will make you laugh about all of it, but will encourage you at the same time.

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