BOOK REVIEW: Anna Karenina (Part VI) by Leo Tolstoy

I am reading Anna Karenina and made a pact to read 2 chapters per day (5 days/week) to finish it in approximately 5 months. We just finished Part 6 (only 2 more to go!), and I am reviewing each part as I go so I don’t forget what I’ve read by the end. When I’m done, I’ll put the separate reviews together for my Amazon review when I’m done.

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Part VI – Review

In this section Kitty’s family (sister Dolly, her kids and Kitty’s mother) come to stay with her and Levin.  Dolly’s husband brings a gentleman named Veslovsky to visit.  Levin is uncomfortable with Veslovsky’s flirtatious behavior towards Kitty and becomes very jealous.  At one point he makes a scene and asks Veslovsky to leave.

Dolly goes to visit Anna and Vronsky and is very jealous of their lifestyle, but also notices strange behavior in Anna. Vronsky asks Dolly to talk to Anna about divorcing her husband.  Although she tries, the conversation doesn’t seem to persuade Anna at all.  After a brief visit, Dolly decides she prefers her drab life to the luxurious life Anna leads.

Anna becomes very jealous of Vronsky when he is away.  While away at the provincial elections lasting longer than Anna expected, Anna sends him a letter to let him know that Annie is not well.  During this time away, Anna decides she must get a divorce and marry him in order to prevent him from leaving her.

There are three themes so far I have not enjoyed in this book. The first was in Part 3 when Tolstoy seemed to go on and on about farming; and then approximately Part 5 where he goes on and on about hunting.  In Part 6 it’s the politics.  The themes I’ve enjoyed more have been love, marriage, family dynamics, parenting, etc. 

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