Interview with Social Media Marketing Expert: John T. Meyer of Sandbox

On Mondays I post an interview with a social media marketing expert. My blog focuses on using social media to promote books (particularly self-published books), and I believe authors can really learn a lot about successful social networking by following the experts.

This week we meet John T. Meyer, Chief Creative Officer at 9 Clouds.

KS: Tell me about your company – how it was created and what you do.

JTM: Sandbox was born out of our first 18 months in business as 9 Clouds. We recognized a growing digital divide between the part of the population that was using all of today’s digital tools and social networks and the small and medium sized businesses that were being left behind. So we built a product that makes social technology easy and provides a social learning experience called Sandbox.

KS: Who do you feel can benefit from a social media marketing strategy?

JTM: Everyone. Absolutely every business and individual. Because a social marketing strategy can be as simple as DON’T do Twitter and YouTube, but you DO need to have a blog. Every case is different, but to ignore this gigantic and evolutionary medium called the Internet is foolish.

KS: How long have you been blogging and what is the primary focus of your blog?

JTM: At I blog about social technology how to use it. On my personal blog,, I talked about all my entrepreneurial ideas and projects. I like to experiment.

KS: What is your favorite social networking site?  Why?

JTM: My favorite social network is probably Gowalla. I’m really fascinated by location-based services and although Gowalla is not the biggest it is definitely the sexiest and most fun to use. For business value, I’ve gotten a lot of great contacts and leads from Twitter over the years. Twitter is a close second.

KS: What is your #1 piece of advice for social networking newbies?

JTM: They should start with their homebase. And homebase most likely won’t even be a social networking. Make sure your business is setup on Google Places, make sure you have a domain name that directs to either a website or blog, and have the ability to gather information on that site or blog from potential customers, clients, and fans. Once that is in place, you can sign up for social networks and LISTEN. Don’t start talking before you listen, and build relationships before you sell.

To find out more about John T. Meyer and Sandbox, visit:

Twitter: @digsandbox

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