10 Ways to Come Up With New Blog Topic Ideas

As a blogger, have you ever struggled with coming up with ideas for new blog posts?  I think we’ve all been there!  Here are a few ideas to help you come up with new topics for your blog posts:

  1. Think about the frequently asked questions in your area.  What are the common questions from the people you work with, your customers or your target audience?  Write posts to help answer those questions so you can refer people to those posts for more information when the question comes up again.
  2. Ask for ideas.  Ask the people you work with or your existing community to send ideas to you of topics they want to learn more about and then put those on a list and go through them one-by-one.  It’s amazing how many ideas people will share.
  3. Host “interviews” with people in your industry.  You may have seen the interviews I do on my blog (http://kellyschuknecht.com/meet-the-experts/).  I interview a social media marketing expert every Monday.  This helps me network with this community and it is really fun!
  4. Ask for guest posts from your community.  Engage with your existing community and leverage their networks by posting guest posts written by them.
  5. Ask for guest posts from your colleagues.  When you network with someone in your field who is supportive of what you do and who wants to promote their own website, book or company, ask them to write a guest posts for your blog.
  6. You can use Google Reader to follow blogs without having to go to each blog regularly to check for new posts.  I can check it once or twice a day to see if there are any new posts I want to read without spending much time looking on the internet for what’s out there.  You can set up an account and enter the URLs for any blogs you want to follow.  You can also enter search phrases that pertain to your target audience to see what other people are talking about on those topics.  This can help you come up with ideas for new posts.
  7. Follow people in your industry on Twitter.  Pay attention to what they are talking about and how they interact with people.
  8. Pay attention to the calendar and blog about things going on in your industry based on the time of year, holidays and events that are going on.
  9. Conduct polls on your blog that ask questions about topics in your industry and allow your readers to vote on something.
  10. Record podcasts (audio) or videos of yourself discussing topics that pertain to your industry and post them on your blog.  It’s fun for readers to connect with you as a blogger and it helps them get to know you a little better.
DISCUSSION: What other methods to you use to come up with new blog topic ideas?

Published by Kelly Schuknecht

Kelly Schuknecht is a marketer with a background in the publishing industry. She is passionate about all things related to books and loves helping authors navigate the world of social media for book promotion. She recently launched the course Marketing Your Book on TikTok.

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