What type of social media sharer are you?

The beauty of social networking is that, just like in real life, online we all have different personalities and levels of interest/interaction.  Combine that with the different “atmosphere” of each social media platform and you get a world of different opinions about what to share and how to share it.  Below are six main types of “sharers” when it comes to social media:

The Oversharer: You share everything – what you eat, where you are, what music you are listening to, what shows you are watching, what games you are playing, your pictures, your videos…you get the idea.  You use a variety of social networking platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn) and you cross-post between the networks so people who aren’t on one of them are sure to catch whatever you post on the others.

The Engager: You might have tested several different social networking platforms.  You may even be active on a number of them, but you give more energy/attention to fewer networks in order to effectively engage with your community. You pay attention to the “atmosphere” of each platform and interact appropriately.  You encourage conversation by posting things that are of interest to your community and frequently comment on or reply to posts from others.

The Oblivious: You post what you want when you want.  Your posts often don’t mean anything to your audience (or simply are not interesting enough to encourage conversation).  You rarely respond to comments or replies.

The Follower: You have an account on one or more social networking platforms.  You have a small group of people you follow and you often “like” or comment on their posts.  You rarely post anything yourself, but you enjoy keeping up with your friends and family online.

The Watcher: Similar to “the Follower,” but you post updates even less frequently (if ever) and rarely “like” or comment on anything, although you frequently review updates from others on one or more social network.

The Absentee:  You have an account with one or more social network, but you rarely log in or check anything on it.  You signed up and gave it the old college try for a day or a week or even a year, but you just didn’t get into it.

What about you?  What type of sharer are you?

Published by Kelly Schuknecht

Kelly Schuknecht is a marketer with a background in the publishing industry. She is passionate about all things related to books and loves helping authors navigate the world of social media for book promotion. She recently launched the course Marketing Your Book on TikTok.

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