A Few Things More Important Than Marketing Your Book

No matter what you do to promote your book, the most important factor is the book itself.  Great writing and well-planned marketing go hand-in-hand.  If your book is full of grammatical errors or has a weak plot, all the marketing in the world can only take the book so far.  Similarly, an amazing, bestseller-quality book with little or no marketing effort will likely have minimal sales.

If your book isn’t published yet, keep this in mind.  Write, re-write and edit your book to perfection before you publish it.  If your book is already published and you have discovered errors, revise it immediately.  Readers notice errors and those errors will take away from the overall impression of the book.  You want to make sure your book leaves the best possible impression on every single reader so they will recommend your book to other potential readers.

The cover of your book is also extremely important for grabbing (and holding) the attention of your potential readers, whether they are picking up a physical copy on a bookstore shelf or browsing for books online and discover yours.  Be sure your cover is attractive and makes readers want to learn more about what’s inside the book.

Tell me about you: Are you reading this after the publication of your book or are you preparing for marketing before publication?

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Kelly Schuknecht is a marketing director with a background in the publishing industry and a passion for all things related to books. She blogs about book marketing because she loves helping authors navigate the world of social media to discover new ways to promote and sell their books. If you're looking for something good to read, you can find Kelly's top picks here: www.kellyschuknecht.com/book-faves.

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