Decoding the Twitter Language

Now that you’re using Twitter, have you noticed some tweets that seem to need decoding?  That’s right, “Tweeters” have their own language, but don’t let it intimidate you.  Twitter’s Help Center offers an entire glossary on Twitter terms, so you’re obviously not alone!

Here are a few of the common acronyms and symbols to know as you get started:

RT – Retweet.  Messages that start with “RT” are when someone reposts a message that someone else sent originally.

DM – Direct Message.  These are private messages between Tweeters – like email, but limited to 140 characters.

FF – Follow Friday.  Regular Tweeters use this on Friday to share Tweeters they love with their own Twitter Followers.

# – Hashtags.  I discussed these in more details in a blog post last week: 10 Twitter Hashtags for Self-Publishing Book Marketing

@ – Mentions.  Twitter updates that use (mention) another Tweeter’s name by using the @ sign followed by the username.

You can visit Twitter Support ( for more detailed help, including troubleshooting account issues and reporting spam, hacking or other privacy issues.

~Happy Tweeting!

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