BOOK REVIEW: The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp

I read this book almost six years ago during nursing sessions with my [first] newborn…sometimes at 2 in the morning. Since then I have bought copies for all the new moms in my life. It is an absolute must-read for new moms!

My husband’s parents would cringe whenever they saw us wrap our daughter in swaddling blankets, but we knew it was what she needed and it worked every time. We would wrap her up every night and within minutes she would turn her head to the side and nod off. That (along with a pacifier) would comfort her and signal to her that it was time to sleep. We also swaddled our boys, but they required a little more swinging and shhh-shing.

All babies/kids are different and I don’t think there’s a “one size fits all” solution to any parenting issue; however, this book is a helpful guide to new parents, filled with ideas for how to give them what they need so they (and you) can rest easier.

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