BOOK REVIEW: Sell Your Book on Amazon by Brent Sampson


So You’d Like to Become An Amazon Bestseller?

Don’t wait. Publishing insider and CEO Brent Sampson reveals revolutionary advice guaranteed to increase your book sales on Amazon. Learn the powerful secrets used by successful Amazon authors every day. This informative and practical how-to? guide shares new techniques that are proven to work.

Solutions Revealed!
Discover step-by-step methods for improving your exposure on Amazon and increasing your authority.

Secrets Exposed!
Increase your profitability by learning the secrets to short-discounting Amazon with just twenty percent.

Success Discovered!
Learn top-secret tactics that earn authors tens-of-thousands of dollars in royalties every month.

Amazon Approved!
Find, understand, and control every Amazon possibility for maximum book sales.


As a book marketing coach I work with hundreds of self-published authors who want to sell more copies of their books.  Sell Your Book on Amazon is THE resource guide for all authors who want to sell more copies of their book with America’s largest online retailer,

Brent Sampson is the president and CEO of Outskirts Press (which offers full-service, custom self-publishing and book marketing services).  In Sell Your Book on Amazon, Sampson walks readers through each of the key components of Amazon.  He tells readers step-by-step how to improve an author profile, perfect the book details page, add the Search Inside feature, create a Listmania list, and on and on.

Sell Your Book on Amazon is invaluable for authors, regardless of where or when they published, even if they haven’t yet.  If you are an author in the process of writing your book, read this book now!  Then read it again after your book is published.  For best results, be sure to do *everything* Sampson suggests.  If you have already published your book and have it listed on Amazon, Sampson is sure to provide you with new ideas for how to network and promote your book and increase your sales.

Happy marketing!
~Kelly Schuknecht


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