Overview of Your Online Presence

No matter what your goals are, as an author your online presence is important and should be thoroughly reviewed and perfected.  Your personal website or blog, your profile on Amazon and any other social networking sites may be viewed by potential customers and should accurately reflect who you are and help sell your book. 

If you have a website or blog, you will most likely want to list information about your book.  This can include: 

  • About the book
  • About the author
  • Testimonials/reviews
  • Link to purchase the book on Amazon or other retail sites

Have you ever visited a website with so much “stuff” on it that it made it hard to figure out what you were looking at or where you should go?  The ability to navigate a website easily is very important for getting the attention of your viewers.  Be sure they can find what they want easily and that all links work properly.  If you use other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or any others, your website should include links to those locations.

Published by Kelly Schuknecht

I am a marketing strategist and writing coach. I help entrepreneurs and aspiring authors define their goals and map out a plan to crush them.

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