Book Review: Vanish by Tom Pawlik

The story starts out with snapshots in the lives of the three main characters – Mitch, Conner and Helen. After noticing an on-coming storm, all three wake up to find everyone else has disappeared. While searching for signs of life, they find one another and begin their journey to find out what has happened to the world as they knew it. They come in to contact with strange beings they think may be aliens and find other people, some of whom disappear just like the others.

I started reading this book without really knowing what I was getting myself into.  About half way through, I wondered if I was reading some Sci-Fi Thriller (which I wouldn’t normally pick), so I started reading some of the reviews by other readers on Amazon.  I discovered the author is a Christian writer and some readers were unhappy that the Christian theme/message was hidden until the end…until they had already gotten hooked.  Knowing that was helpful, but certainly didn’t make me like the book any less. 

I couldn’t put this book down.  I highly recommend it if you like Mystery, and particularly if you like Christian Fiction.

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